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Act 1, Scene 1

• At the site of construction on a wall Lear is building to keep out his country's enemies, a foreman and several workers struggle to help an injured laborer, but the worker soon dies.

• Lear, Warrington, Bodice, and Fontanelle, accompanied by an engineer and several aides, arrive.

• Lear complains about how badly the work on his wall is being handled and says that anyone who causes any delay in construction will be severely punished.

• When Lear discovers that it was a dropped axe that killed the dead laborer, he calls for the laborer who dropped the axe to be executed.

• The foreman pushes the guilty laborer forward.

• As a firing squad appears, Lear speaks at length about how he started the wall when he was young, and he expresses his suspicion that the guilty laborer is in the employ of one of the enemies the wall is...

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