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Becky Albertalli
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Essay Topic 1

At the end of the novel, Leah says, "This is not my perfect prom night, and it's not the happy ending I pictured. It's not an ending at all. But it's mine" (336). By what she says, and what happens in the novel, what does it mean to have a happy ending or a perfect night? How does the vision, such as Leah's mom discussed earlier, connect to reality? Think about the ending of the novel, and discuss how this ending, if not fully happy, is entirely Leah's, and how this could be better than happiness.

Essay Topic 2

Leah is bisexual, but not out, but also is white. How do you think Abby's understanding of her sexuality, and her confusion about it and decision to date Nick even when she is looking for a reason to break up, may have to do with her concern with appearances...

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