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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gudrun construct detailed plans to achieve?
(a) Steal the children of Kjartan.
(b) Build a house for her son.
(c) Overtake Unn's lands.
(d) Wreak vengeance on her husband's murderers.

2. What kills Kjartan?
(a) The great flood drowns him.
(b) The onset of dementia.
(c) The death of his wife.
(d) The "Leg Biter" blade.

3. From whom do both Kjartan and Bolli descend?
(a) Bjorn the Easterner.
(b) Hoskuld.
(c) Killer-Hrapp.
(d) Unn the Deep-Minded.

4. Between whom does a feud escalate?
(a) Bolli and Kjartan.
(b) Olaf and Bolli.
(c) Helgi and Gora.
(d) Thorvald and Gudrun.

5. What is the name of Kjartan's estate?
(a) Laugar.
(b) Svindale.
(c) Aesland.
(d) Hjardarholt.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many men does Kjartan take to lay siege to Bolli's estate?

2. What country becomes Christian?

3. Who dies in the Breidafjord?

4. When Bolli wishes to kill the Olafsson brothers, what does Snorri argue is sufficient?

5. What will Gudrun give Thorgils in return for his actions?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Kjartan refuses a gift from Bolli, what ensues?

2. What is the final prophecy regarding Gudrun?

3. How does Gudrun extricate herself from marrying Thorgils?

4. Describe the conflict leading to Helgi's death.

5. What ugly fact about Gudrun's personality is revealed through the death of Kjartan?

6. Describe Snorri the Priest.

7. What does Kjartan discover when he returns to Iceland and what does he do in response?

8. Describe Thorgils Holluson.

9. What is the prophecy about Thorkel and how does it come true?

10. What evil act does Snorri the Priest commit?

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