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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who betrays Kjartan?
(a) Gudrun.
(b) Olaf.
(c) Thorvald.
(d) Bolli.

2. When does Gudrun give birth to her son?
(a) Bolli Bollason.
(b) Lambi Thorbjornsson.
(c) Geirmund Snorgudsson.
(d) Helgi Hardbeinsson.

3. Where does Gellir die?
(a) On a fishing trip to Faroe Islands.
(b) On a pilgrimage to Rome.
(c) On a trip to Malmo.
(d) In battle with his brother.

4. From whom do both Kjartan and Bolli descend?
(a) Killer-Hrapp.
(b) Bjorn the Easterner.
(c) Unn the Deep-Minded.
(d) Hoskuld.

5. When Bolli wishes to kill the Olafsson brothers, what does Snorri argue is sufficient?
(a) Helgi's death.
(b) Thorkel's absence.
(c) Gudrun's marriage.
(d) Thordis' sickness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is necessary to enact Gudrun's plan?

2. How many men are at the estate that Thorgil seeks sanctuary?

3. Whose dream unfortunately has come to pass in Chapters 41-50?

4. What does the small man who approaches Thorgils call himself?

5. What does Thorgil pretend to be in order to gain sanctuary?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Gudrun's plans relate to her son?

2. How does Gudrun extricate herself from marrying Thorgils?

3. What mysterious statement does Gudrun say about her love for her husbands and what does it mean?

4. Describe Thorgils Holluson.

5. Describe Ingibjorg.

6. How does the family feud end?

7. When Kjartan refuses a gift from Bolli, what ensues?

8. What ugly fact about Gudrun's personality is revealed through the death of Kjartan?

9. Describe Gudrun and Thorkel's relationship?

10. What is the prophecy about Thorkel and how does it come true?

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