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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the chieftain Ketil Flat-Nose initially want to live?
(a) Faroe Islands.
(b) Scotland.
(c) Malmo.
(d) Iceland.

2. Who does the Norwegian that Olaf brings back to Iceland fall in love with?
(a) Thorleik.
(b) Gudrun.
(c) Thurid.
(d) Kjartan.

3. When Hrapp of Hrappstead dies, who does his estate go to?
(a) Freya and Gudrun.
(b) Kjartan Boll.
(c) Thorstein Black the Wise.
(d) Hoskuld.

4. What is the name of the grandson who receives the land Hvamm upon the death of the matriarch?
(a) Olaf Feilan.
(b) Gudrun Hvamm.
(c) Kjartan Boll.
(d) Dala Hoskuld.

5. Who goes to Norway?
(a) Kjartan and Bolli.
(b) Helga and Hrut.
(c) Kotkel and Bolli.
(d) Thorvald and Gudrun.

6. By the end of Chapter 30, who is at the height of power and prestige?
(a) Kjartan.
(b) Gudrun.
(c) Bolli.
(d) Olaf.

7. Who casts a spell on Thord?
(a) Kotkel and his family.
(b) Bolli and his warriors.
(c) Thorleik and her sons.
(d) Hrut and his minions.

8. Whose brother did the outlaw kill?
(a) Jorunn Peacock.
(b) Vigdis Ingjald.
(c) Ingjald Saudisle-Priest.
(d) Hoskuld Dala-Kollson.

9. Who does Gest see lying in proximity to Bolli in his vision as well?
(a) Bolli.
(b) Helga.
(c) Osvifur.
(d) Kjartan.

10. Who is the king of Norway?
(a) King Hoskuld.
(b) King Harald.
(c) King Osvifur.
(d) King Bolli.

11. What is the vision about Bolli that Gest has?
(a) Bolli will become a priest in Scotland.
(b) Bolli will not only kill Kjartan but die because of this murder.
(c) Bolli will marry Gudrun and kill his own father.
(d) Bolli will leave Iceland and become king of Norway.

12. Prior to Christianity, what was the 9th century period known as a time of?
(a) Ritualistic nature worship.
(b) Satan worship.
(c) Pagan heroism.
(d) Agnosticism.

13. What are the two men growing up in Olaf's household known for?
(a) Courage and strength.
(b) Bootlegging and thievery.
(c) Good looks and poetic speech.
(d) Artistic work and cooking.

14. How does Thord die?
(a) By poisoning.
(b) By drowning.
(c) Of old age.
(d) In combat.

15. Who is Olaf the Peacock the father of?
(a) Leif.
(b) Gudrun.
(c) Hrut.
(d) Kjartan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Olaf's own son?

2. Why is Thorleik angry with Olaf?

3. Who is Hrapp of Hrappstead?

4. Who is Jorunn?

5. What role can Hoskuld rightfully take in Ireland?

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