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This is where the Laxdaela Saga takes place.


This land is the principal source of immigrants to an island nation that was under the authority of this land's king.


This is an area where several characters die and near where many others live.


This is the town where Kjartan and Gudrun meet.


This is the town closest to the estates relevant to the story are located.

The Althing

This is the regular meeting of the Icelandic chieftains.


This is the title given to a man becomes when he breaks Icelandic law where he could be killed with impunity.


This is Geirmund's sword that he curses stolen by Thurid and used by Bolli to kill Kjartan.

Kjartan's Sword

This is the weapon given to Kjartan by Olaf the Peacock that protects from injury but is stolen and allows him to be killed...

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