Laxdaela Saga Character Descriptions

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Gudrun Osvifur's Daughter

This character has four dreams, marries four times, conspires against a first partner, and admits to being the worst to the partner loved most.

Kjartan Olafsson

This character is an illegitimate offspring of an Icelander and Irish royalty who has almost superhuman accomplishments, falls in love but entertains the advances of another in Norway, and is murdered by a cousin out of jealousy and rage.

Bolli Thorleiksson

This character is brilliant and strong, lives in the shadow of a famous cousin, falls in love, and ultimately murders the cousin in cold blood.

Olaf the Peacock

This character is the illegitimate offspring of Irish royalty and an Icelander who becomes chieftain, creates an estate, and has a dream foretelling the death of a child by a cousin.

Ketil Flat-Nose

This character is the founder of a familial line in the saga.

Bjorn the Easterner

This character...

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