Laxdaela Saga Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-10

• The Laxdaela Saga beings in the Kingdom of Norway in the late 9th century.

• The current king of Norway is King Harald Fine-Hair.

• As King Harald consolidates power to unify Norway, some chieftains decide to settle the new territory of Iceland instead.

• One such chieftain is Ketil Flat-Nose.

• Ketil initially desires to live in Scotland, believing himself able to claim good land there.

• However, his family decides to go to Iceland.
• Ketil's daughter, Unn the Deep-Minded is unusual because she is not a submissive woman.

• She is a powerful and unyielding matriarch.

• Her children establish powerful families in Iceland and in Scotland as well.

• Unn stakes out a broad swath of land throughout the unsettled Breidafjord.

• She splits the land among her family and other followers, awarding it based upon heritage, character and class.

• Unn has a grandson, Olaf Feilan whom she favors and bequeaths her...

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