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Short Answer Questions

1. What do they conclude has frightened the horses?

2. Who is the Indian waiting with the European?

3. What causes the Huron to leave the area of the blockhouse?

4. Who are the Iroquois looking for called La Longue Carabine?

5. How does Magua know the girls' father?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Col. Munro say after he reads the letter intercepted from Gen. Webb and arranges the surrender with the French general?

2. How do Heyward, David, Cora, and Alice almost escape unnoticed by the Iroquois?

3. Explain what the Iroquois are really after.

4. What does Cora manage to convince the men to do?

5. What do the French do with the captured Hawkeye?

6. What keeps the Iroquois (or Huron) from attacking the group at the blockhouse?

7. Why does Hawkeye say they returned to the cave site?

8. Describe where the group stops to rest as they continue on to Fort Henry.

9. What plan does Magua have for the group of captives after Cora rejects his advances?

10. Discuss briefly the noise that is heard outside the cave.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about ironic twists in literature. In your essay discuss how Uncas is introduced in the beginning as the last of the Mohicans when, in fact, it does not turn out that way in the end. Express your opinion about how irony enhances interest in a well told tale.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay on how literary fiction influences popular thought. Keeping in mind that THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS was published in the 1800s, explain how it may have contributed to conventional wisdom about the habits of native Americans.

Essay Topic 3

Do some research about James Fenimore Cooper and discuss his use of actual people and events in his writing. [Note: a good research source is WILLIAM COOPER'S TOWN by Alan Taylor] Write your essay about how realistic the characters are. Give your impressions about Cooper's knowledge of the American Indian.

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