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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the group journeys on after the battle with the Hurons, who leads them?
(a) Uncas
(b) Chingachgook
(c) Hawkeye
(d) Duncan

2. What is happening when they finally near the fort?
(a) The fort has been abandoned.
(b) Montcalm's army is firing on the forts.
(c) All is quiet on the western front.
(d) The fort is being burned to the ground.

3. What happens when Heywood confronts the guide?
(a) He denies being a traitor.
(b) He wounds Heywood.
(c) He draws his knife.
(d) He runs.

4. What do the men realize as they study the trail?
(a) that they are outnumbered
(b) that they cannot follow it far
(c) that it ends in the river
(d) that this chase may take a long time

5. Where did Munro meet the girls' mother?
(a) in Africa
(b) in Canada
(c) in Florida
(d) in the West Indies

Short Answer Questions

1. What explains the difference in the complexions of Cora and Alice?

2. As what do the hunters identify Heywood's guide?

3. What does Cora suggest the men do?

4. Why does Magua hate Cora's father?

5. On their way, what does Heyward continually try to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do they find as they near Fort Henry?

2. How do Heyward, Hawkeye, Uncas, and Chingachgook attempt to capture Magua after they learn that he has betrayed Heyward and the girls?

3. What is the evidence that Cora and Alice have survived?

4. What are the arguments Heyward uses to try and get Magua to side with the captives?

5. What does Col. Munro try to determine about Heyward's preference for Alice as a future wife?

6. After leaving in the opposite direction of the Iroquois, what does the reader learn about Hawkeye?

7. What are some of the problems the group faces as they battle the Iroquois?

8. Explain what the Iroquois are really after.

9. Discuss briefly the noise that is heard outside the cave.

10. What plan does Magua have for the group of captives after Cora rejects his advances?

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