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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Heyward nearly wounded?
(a) by a knife in hand to hand combat
(b) by a glancing arrow
(c) by a bullet near his head
(d) by a tomahawk

2. After Magua gets away for a second time, what happens to the dead Hurons?
(a) They are scalped.
(b) They are thrown into the river.
(c) They are chopped into pieces.
(d) They are piled up and burned.

3. What explains the difference in the complexions of Cora and Alice?
(a) They are adopted children.
(b) Their mother was a product of a white/black union.
(c) They had different fathers.
(d) They had two different mothers.

4. Why does Magua hate Cora's father?
(a) He made Magua do woman's work in the fort.
(b) He killed Magua's Indian wife.
(c) He made Magua eat off the floor.
(d) He had Magua whipped publicly for drunkenness.

5. What does Hawkeye recall at a pond?
(a) a battle with the French
(b) a fish he caught
(c) a camp he once set up
(d) a deer he killed

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the message for Ft. Henry?

2. What saves them from the Frenchman who discovers them?

3. What is the joyful event at the fort?

4. How does Cooper describe the setting of the novel?

5. What is Magua's objection to the surrender treaty?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the time and events during which the story begins.

2. What does Cora learn about Magua's early history?

3. Discuss briefly the noise that is heard outside the cave.

4. What keeps the Iroquois (or Huron) from attacking the group at the blockhouse?

5. What does Col. Munro say after he reads the letter intercepted from Gen. Webb and arranges the surrender with the French general?

6. What news is in the letter Hawkeye delivers to Gen. Munro?

7. Outline what Heyward tells Cora and Alice about their father while they hide in the cave behind the waterfall.

8. What takes place after the slaughter of the refugees from Fort Henry?

9. What do they find as they near Fort Henry?

10. Relate how Chingachgook explains why the Mohicans were finally unable to beat back the Iroquois.

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