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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the purpose of Fort Henry and Fort Edward?
(a) coach stations for British travelers
(b) decoys to fool the advancing French army
(c) defense against the invading French
(d) way stations for British soldiers headed for the front

2. What is the message for Ft. Henry?
(a) the French have surrendered
(b) no troops are coming from Ft. Edward
(c) a batallion is coming from the north
(d) troops from Ft. Edward will arrive by nightfall

3. Who discovers them?
(a) a French speaking Indian
(b) a French chef
(c) a French sentinel
(d) a French teacher

4. What encourages the searchers?
(a) a trail left by Cora and Magua
(b) a place where Alice stopped to rest
(c) a trail of coins dropped by someone
(d) a note dropped by Cora

5. Who actually goes to the dinner?
(a) Alice Munro
(b) Duncan Heyward
(c) Colonel Munro
(d) Cora Munro

Short Answer Questions

1. As the group journeys on after the battle with the Hurons, who leads them?

2. How do Hawkeye, Uncas, and Chingachgook leave to find help?

3. What happens to Heyward when he tries to defend Alice?

4. On their way, what does Heyward continually try to do?

5. Who is the person the Huron immediately suspect killed their comrade?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the near confrontation between Magua and Chingachgook?

2. Discuss briefly the noise that is heard outside the cave.

3. Why is David allowed to roam around unmolested by the Indians?

4. What news is in the letter Hawkeye delivers to Gen. Munro?

5. When Magua enters the cave, how do Heyward and Hawkeye overpower him?

6. Relate how Chingachgook explains why the Mohicans were finally unable to beat back the Iroquois.

7. Describe where the group stops to rest as they continue on to Fort Henry.

8. Who are the condemned men being held by the Huron?

9. What is Heyward warned about?

10. How does Heyward gain entrance into the Huron camp?

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