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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is happening when they finally near the fort?
(a) Montcalm's army is firing on the forts.
(b) The fort has been abandoned.
(c) All is quiet on the western front.
(d) The fort is being burned to the ground.

2. What causes the Huron to leave the area of the blockhouse?
(a) the bitter water
(b) a mass grave
(c) a bad smell
(d) a large bear

3. What happens to the evacuees from Ft. Henry?
(a) 2000 Indians attack them
(b) they get into quicksand
(c) the French open fire
(d) the women and children fall behand

4. Who are the Iroquois looking for called La Longue Carabine?
(a) Hawkeye
(b) Chingachgook
(c) Uncas
(d) Heywood

5. Who is the lone man making his way to the outskirts of the French camp?
(a) Duncan Heywood
(b) Magua
(c) Hawkeye
(d) General Montcalm

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the men realize as they study the trail?

2. What request does Heyward make of Hawkeye, Chingachgook, and Uncas?

3. What do Heywood and his party not realize?

4. What is it that Hawkeye fears?

5. As what do the hunters identify Heywood's guide?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Hawkeye, Chingachgook, and Uncas leave to find help, what happens back near the cave?

2. What does Col. Munro try to determine about Heyward's preference for Alice as a future wife?

3. Describe what happens when a warrior takes a baby as ransom for a woman's shawl.

4. What keeps the Iroquois (or Huron) from attacking the group at the blockhouse?

5. What does Cora manage to convince the men to do?

6. Outline what Heyward tells Cora and Alice about their father while they hide in the cave behind the waterfall.

7. What is the evidence that Cora and Alice have survived?

8. What are the arguments Heyward uses to try and get Magua to side with the captives?

9. Explain why Hawkeye and Chingachgook dissuade Heyward from going after the wounded Magua.

10. Why does Hawkeye say they returned to the cave site?

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