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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Leaving the safety of the thicket, what do they hear?
(a) men
(b) bears
(c) horses
(d) deer

2. What do Heywood and his party not realize?
(a) They are being watched.
(b) They have made a wrong turn.
(c) Fort Henry has been defeated.
(d) They do not have enough provisions.

3. As the group journeys on after the battle with the Hurons, who leads them?
(a) Duncan
(b) Chingachgook
(c) Uncas
(d) Hawkeye

4. What does Montcalm want to know from his guest?
(a) if the ladies will come for a visit
(b) if he has come to discuss terms of surrender
(c) if he knows the Indian Magua
(d) if Ft. Henry has plenty of supplies

5. As what do the hunters identify Heywood's guide?
(a) a Sioux
(b) a Mohawk
(c) a Huron
(d) a Mohican

Short Answer Questions

1. What do they use over the entrance to the back of the cave?

2. What is it that Hawkeye fears?

3. What does Magua want Cora to do after becoming his wife?

4. What is the purpose of Fort Henry and Fort Edward?

5. Who actually goes to the dinner?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the arguments Heyward uses to try and get Magua to side with the captives?

2. Why is David allowed to roam around unmolested by the Indians?

3. What does Cora manage to convince the men to do?

4. What happens to prevent the torture of the captives?

5. What are some of the problems the group faces as they battle the Iroquois?

6. Explain how David Gamut is allowed to accompany Heyward, Alice, and Cora on the trip to Ft. Henry.

7. Explain what the Iroquois are really after.

8. How do the men locate the trail of the Iroquois in hopes of finding Cora and Alice?

9. Why does following the horses end in disappointment for the hunters?

10. What happens as they cross the lake in a canoe?

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