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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Magua say is in the Delaware camp?
(a) Heyward
(b) Uncas
(c) Le Longue Carabine
(d) Gamut

2. What is Magua really after?
(a) He wants Cora.
(b) He wants Alice.
(c) He wants a treaty.
(d) He wants volunteers.

3. Who will go to rescue Cora during the battle?
(a) Heyward and his men
(b) Uncas and his men
(c) David and his men
(d) Hawkeye and his men

4. What startles David in the hut?
(a) when the hut catches fire
(b) when Uncas is thrown in
(c) when the bear speaks
(d) when Reed that Bends is thrown in

5. Who does Hawkeye confess to killing?
(a) many buffalo but no people
(b) many Delaware but no Mohicans
(c) many white men but no Indians
(d) many Iroquois but no Delaware

6. What assurance does Hawkeye give Chingachgook?
(a) that he will never be alone
(b) that he will get a government pension
(c) that there will be a resurrection
(d) that Uncas is in the Happy Hunting Ground

7. Where is Alice Munro?
(a) with the Huron women about two miles away
(b) in the chief's teepee
(c) alone in the forest
(d) tied to one of the braves

8. What evidence do they keep finding that tells them they are on the right trail?
(a) the silence of the forest creatures
(b) the mark of the horses
(c) bits of Alice's and Cora's dresses
(d) the sound of a harmonica up ahead

9. What slows their progress in tracking the Indians?
(a) Heyward suffers from the heat
(b) a river crossing
(c) a few false leads
(d) Munro becomes hysterical

10. What does Cora tell Chief Tamenund to stop Magua from leaving with Alice?
(a) about the other captive kept from him
(b) about the treasure at Ft Henry
(c) about Magua's cruelty
(d) about Magua's warp plans against the Delaware

11. Where is Cora while the war plans proceed?
(a) back in the Huron village
(b) riding behind Magua
(c) in a cave guarded by Huron
(d) tied to a tree

12. Where do the Huron think Alice, Heyward, and Hawkeye are?
(a) out on the lake
(b) off looking for Cora
(c) the Delaware camp
(d) back at the fort

13. What dashes their hopes of finding Magua and the girls?
(a) They come to a rocky valley with no trail.
(b) The trail goes cold.
(c) It begins to rain and wash away the trail.
(d) The horses are found wandering by themselves.

14. Chased by Uncas and the white men, where does Magua go?
(a) to the Delaware camp
(b) to the Huron village
(c) to the river
(d) to the cave where Cora is

15. How do the men leave the fort the next morning?
(a) joyfully
(b) carefully
(c) loudly
(d) casually

Short Answer Questions

1. What example does Chingachgook set for Heyward?

2. How does Heywood speak to the Huron chief?

3. What does David report?

4. What is Heywood left alone with in the cave?

5. How is Cora prepared for burial?

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