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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who wins the contest?
(a) Heyward
(b) Hawkeye
(c) David
(d) Magua

2. What does Cora tell Chief Tamenund to stop Magua from leaving with Alice?
(a) about the other captive kept from him
(b) about Magua's warp plans against the Delaware
(c) about the treasure at Ft Henry
(d) about Magua's cruelty

3. What example does Chingachgook set for Heyward?
(a) keeping his arms at the ready
(b) falling asleep
(c) hiding in the shadows
(d) not showing that he is aware of danger

4. How is Chingachgook disguised?
(a) as another bear
(b) as a large otter
(c) as a tree
(d) as a wolf

5. Who is Hawkeye searching for in the Huron village?
(a) Alice
(b) Uncas
(c) Heyward
(d) Reed that Bends

6. How do they determine which--Heywood or Hawkeye--is Le Longe Carabine?
(a) making Alice identify them
(b) a shooting contest
(c) a challenge by Magua
(d) arm wrestling

7. How does Uncas disguise himself to escape?
(a) by painting his face
(b) by changing clothes with Hawkeye
(c) by putting on the bear suit
(d) by wearing a dress

8. Who does Hawkeye confess to killing?
(a) many Iroquois but no Delaware
(b) many buffalo but no people
(c) many white men but no Indians
(d) many Delaware but no Mohicans

9. After Magua enters, what do Hawkeye and Heyward do with him?
(a) cut his throat
(b) throw him down a canyon
(c) knock him out
(d) tie and gag him

10. What resistance does Cora put up?
(a) She threatens to jump off the cliff.
(b) Near a cliff, she refuses to go farther.
(c) She grabs a knife and tries to kill a Huron.
(d) Near the river, she jumps in.

11. Who will go to rescue Cora during the battle?
(a) Heyward and his men
(b) David and his men
(c) Hawkeye and his men
(d) Uncas and his men

12. What evidence do they keep finding that tells them they are on the right trail?
(a) the mark of the horses
(b) bits of Alice's and Cora's dresses
(c) the silence of the forest creatures
(d) the sound of a harmonica up ahead

13. What does the Huron chief want Heyward to do about an evil spirit in a tribal woman?
(a) to learn its name
(b) to frighten it away
(c) to teach it how to dance
(d) to make it enter Uncas

14. Who is brought into the circle with Cora?
(a) Magua, Hawkeye, and Chingachgook
(b) David, Uncas, and Chingachgook
(c) Alice, Heyward, and Hawkeye
(d) Col. Munro, Alice, and David

15. Why do some of the Huron men creep into the lodge?
(a) to get warm by the fire
(b) to look for Alice
(c) to hide from the chief
(d) to see the bewitched Uncas

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chingachgook declare after Uncas is buried?

2. What might have kept a Huron around after his tribe departed?

3. What is Heywood's plan?

4. Who is the intruder?

5. What gave the Huron the idea that David is insane?

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