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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Magua hate Cora's father?
(a) He made Magua eat off the floor.
(b) He had Magua whipped publicly for drunkenness.
(c) He made Magua do woman's work in the fort.
(d) He killed Magua's Indian wife.

2. Who is the man standing outside across the water?
(a) Hawkeye
(b) Colonel Munro
(c) David Gamut
(d) Duncan Heyward

3. What does Heyward do with the wounded David Gamut?
(a) moves him to the back of the cave
(b) knocks him out to keep him quiet
(c) ties a gag over his mouth to conceal his groans
(d) cuts the arrow out of his leg

4. What does Hawkeye recall at a pond?
(a) a battle with the French
(b) a fish he caught
(c) a camp he once set up
(d) a deer he killed

5. What do they conclude has frightened the horses?
(a) wolves
(b) Magua
(c) the Iroquois
(d) a mountain lion

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is at war as the novel begins?

2. Why is Col. Munro dejected as he returns to the fort?

3. How does Heywood explain his paint?

4. Who is the intruder?

5. How do the men leave the fort the next morning?

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