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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What interrupts David Gamut's song in the cave?
(a) a sound that no one can identify.
(b) the horses splashing in the pool
(c) Hawkeye tells him to be quiet
(d) a rockslide outside the cave

2. After the men leave, what do Cora and Alice do?
(a) hide in the cave
(b) climb a tree
(c) make dummies dressed in their clothes to appear asleep
(d) stand under the waterfall

3. What happens when Heywood confronts the guide?
(a) He draws his knife.
(b) He wounds Heywood.
(c) He denies being a traitor.
(d) He runs.

4. Who is the man of European stock waiting a few miles westward of Heyward and the Munro girls?
(a) Hawkeye
(b) Col. Munro
(c) Prince Henry
(d) Lance Corporal Pettigrew

5. What is the secret place where Hawkeye, Chingachgook and Uncas take the major and the Munro girls?
(a) a clearing behind a large rock
(b) a cave behind a waterfall
(c) a treehouse in the forest
(d) a hut inside a briar patch

Short Answer Questions

1. What threat is spotted by Hawkeye near a waterfall?

2. What advice does Hawkeye give as they battle the Iroquois?

3. How does Cooper describe the setting of the novel?

4. Who is described as possessing muscular features?

5. What does the strange sound turn out to be?

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