The Last of the Mohicans Character Descriptions

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Big Serpent - Another name for Chingachgook.

Bounding Elk - Another name for Uncas.

Nathaniel Bumppo - The hero of THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS

Natty - Nickname for Nathaniel Bumppo

Le Cerf Agile - The French name for Uncas.

Chingachgook - A middle-aged Mohican Indian.

David Gamut - A religious singing teacher or psalmist.

Le Gros Serpent - The French name for Chingachgook.

Hawkeye - A popular sobriquet for the Leatherstocking hero of the novel.

Duncan Heyward - An English soldier who is initially the protector of the Munro sisters.

William Henry - A prince of England.

Le Longue Carabine - The French sobriquet for Nathaniel Bumppo.

Magua - The antagonist of the novel, revealed to be a chief of the Huron Indians.

The Marquis of Montcalm - The leader of the French army that besieges Fort Henry.

Alice Munro - She is the younger half-sister...

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