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Short Answer Questions

1. What is guarding the butane tank?

2. Who or what does Leroy suggest the group of boys go have sex with after the annual square dance?

3. Sonny doesn't get back from the ranch with the butane tank until almost what time?

4. Who do Sonny and Dwayne play pool with in Chapter 7?

5. Of all the people that have a crush on Genevieve, who is her favorite?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which character seems to be a father figure to the boy characters? Give an example of him playing this role from the story.

2. Why does Jacy decide to make an ally of Sonny?

3. What do Sonny and Jacy do on their wedding night?

4. Why does Lois tell Jacy she should not marry Dwayne?

5. Why does Sonny not enjoy himself at the football game?

6. How do you think Sonny feels after he breaks up with Charlene?

7. Why does Jacy feel it necessary to attend the naked swim party?

8. Why do you think Sonny reacts the way that he does to the men trying to console the truck driver?

9. Explain the ways that Sonny and Dwayne's friendship resembles a marriage.

10. Why do you think Sonny goes and sees Ruth at the end of the book?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jacy is crushed when Abilene uses her and also when she finds out that Bobby Sheen married Annie. Jacy doesn't realize that she treated Dwayne, Lester, and Sonny that same way. Write an essay about why you feel Jacy is unable to make that connection.

Essay Topic 2

Lois is the only woman that openly drinks in Thalia. Why do you think she is alone in this? What makes her different from the other women?

Essay Topic 3

Jacy's wristwatch ended up being extremely symbolic. Explain why.

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