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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Sonny and Dwayne order at the cafe for breakfast?
(a) Pancakes and toast.
(b) Waffles and bacon.
(c) Eggs and sausage.
(d) Cheeseburger and fries.

2. What does Coach Popper tell Ruth when she asks him to bring her a pain pill?
(a) That he will get it in a minute.
(b) That she is all out.
(c) That he flushed them down the toilet.
(d) Get it herself.

3. Which three characters are the only characters to go to a drive-in in the book during Chapter 4?
(a) Sonny, Jacy, and Charlene.
(b) Dwayne, Jacy, and Charlene.
(c) Dwayne, Sonny, and Charlene.
(d) Dwayne, Sonny, and Jacy.

4. What is guarding the butane tank?
(a) A padlocked fence.
(b) Three guard dogs.
(c) Nine guard dogs.
(d) A security guard with a gun.

5. What does Sonny say to Sam when he sees him at the cafe after being banned?
(a) He blames the other boys.
(b) He apologizes.
(c) He tells him that he won't stay away.
(d) He says that Sam is not being fair.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who goes to sleep with the prostitute in Chapter 7?

2. Who or what does Leroy suggest the group of boys go have sex with after the annual square dance?

3. Who is Bobby dating?

4. Ruth says that she has to have an operation for what?

5. Who do Sonny and Dwayne play pool with in Chapter 7?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Mr. Cecil fired and who gets him fired?

2. After Jacy is with Abilene she has a pivotal moment that she shares with her mom Lois. What is it?

3. Why do you think Sonny reacts the way that he does to the men trying to console the truck driver?

4. Why do you think Sonny and Dwayne choose to live above the pool hall?

5. Explain the ways that Sonny and Dwayne's friendship resembles a marriage.

6. What happens on the school bus on the way back to Thalia High School?

7. Do you think that everyone in Thalia figured out that Lois was in love with Sam by how she behaved at the funeral?

8. Why does Dwayne not go and visit Sonny when he visits Thalia after boot camp?

9. Why do you think Sonny feels depressed that he isn't in the army?

10. Why do you think Sonny goes and sees Ruth at the end of the book?

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