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The 20 enjoyable, interactive classroom activities that are included will help your students understand the text in amusing ways. Fun Classroom Activities include group projects, games, critical thinking activities, brainstorming sessions, writing poems, drawing or sketching, and more that will allow your students to interact with each other, be creative, and ultimately grasp key concepts from the text by "doing" rather than simply studying.

1. Living Young Again

Pretend that you are Sam talking to Sonny about getting old at the tank. If you are Sam, rewrite your own history to change any regrets you might have. What would you do differently? What would you keep the same?

2. Fighting

Pretend that you are Sonny when the Bunne brothers came up to you to fight. What would you say or do? Do you think Sonny handled it correctly or would you have done it differently?

3. Character Guessing Game

For this game...

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