The Last Picture Show Character Descriptions

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Sonny - This character is the protagonist of the novel, and is a kind-hearted high school senior.

Billy - This mentally challenged character sweeps buildings and is killed when hit by a truck.

Sam the Lion - This large, older character has a big mane of white hair and is the owner of Thalia's pool hall, picture show, and all-night cafe.

Dwayne - This tall character with curly black hair goes to fight in the Korean War.

Abilene - This character is the wealthy driller.

Coach Popper - This character is the civics teacher and is widely recognized as being the dumbest, laziest teacher in school.

Penny - This character is a member of the Church of Christ and enjoys identifying wickedness and sinners.

Marston - This character is an alcoholic and the chef at the all night diner.

Frank Fartley - This character is the...

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