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Chapter 1

• Sonny played football for Thalia High School.

• Sam owns the pool hall, the picture show, and the all-night cafe.

• Sam is getting older in age and has the role of a father figure to the boys in town.

• Sam took in Billy, who is mentally slow.

• Abilene has more money then the people of Thalia and you can tell through all of his material things.

• Sonny and Dwayne share a living place, a pickup truck, and combine their money to purchase food.

• Dwayne is dating Jacy and Sonny is dating Charlene.

Chapter 2

• A lot of the men from town are at the pool hall late shooting pool.

• Charlene and Sonny make out at the picture show.

• Dwayne and Jacy make out at the picture show.

• Sonny tries to make advancements towards Charlene.

• Charlene shuts Sonny down and Sonny breaks up with her.

• Charlene goes crying to her...

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