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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Adams informs the reader that "Moose" was short for ________.
(a) Hieronymus.
(b) Shasmecka.
(c) Tineka Jawana.
(d) Amadeus.

2. Douglas Adams reveals that the country eventually changed its name from the Belgian Congo to Zaire in what year?
(a) 1977.
(b) 1984.
(c) 1962.
(d) 1971.

3. What guide did Adams and Carwardine expect to have in the chapter Here Be Chickens?
(a) Gary "Arab" Aburn.
(b) Bill Black.
(c) Boss.
(d) Mr. Condo.

4. In what town did Adams and Carwardine discover that even when making internal flights in Zaire, you still had to go through the full rigmarole of immigration and customs controls all over again?
(a) Bandundu.
(b) Kivu.
(c) Goma.
(d) Kinshasa.

5. Other than Madagascar, where else does the Aye-aye live?
(a) Nowhere.
(b) Australia.
(c) Africa.
(d) New Zealand.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the agent at the Merpati Airlines, there were ________ people booked on Adams and Carwardine's return flight to Bali.

2. The children on Labuan Bajo in chapter Here Be Chickens were playing with a one-legged ________.

3. Who was the man in Melbourne who Adams claim knew more about poisonous snakes than anyone else on earth?

4. According to Mark Carwardine, there are only _______ Kakapos still alive.

5. What animal is found in New Guinea and has a long and skeletal thin fourth finger?

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