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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Joan react after her father tells her about her mother's death?

2. What letter is missing from Joan's typewriter?

3. How many pounds does Joan gain before her wedding?

4. What does Joan buy in Rome?

5. Who does Joan want to see to discover more about how her mother died?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Joan does not tell her husband Arthur that she writes Costume Gothic novels.

2. What is the significance of Joan seeing her mother's astral body?

3. Why does Joan try to stop the publication of Lady Oracle?

4. Why does Joan like to go to the movies with her Aunt Lou?

5. Describe the significance of Aunt Lou's inheritance on Joan's life.

6. Describe Joan's approach to meeting Paul and having a relationship with him.

7. Why is discovering that Paul writes romance novels valuable to Joan's life?

8. What are the implications of Joan sending Arthur a postcard from Rome?

9. Describe Joan's first encounter with Arthur.

10. How does Joan allow Paul to treat her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Leda Sprott is an interesting minor character who influences Joan's belief in the occult. Discuss how Leda encourages Spiritualism in Joan at a young age and how Joan incorporates it into her life as an adult. In particular, address how Leda believes Joan is gifted and Joan's use of Automatic Writing to create Lady Oracle.

Essay Topic 2

Terremoto, where Joan flees after faking her death by drowning, means "earthquake" in Italian. Discuss the significance of this setting as a symbol for Joan's new life. What does Joan expect her life to be when she arrives there? Does it meet her expectations?

Essay Topic 3

Joan's relationship with her mother continues after her death through dreams and astral images. Describe two important scenes when Joan's mother appears and discuss their relevance to Joan's growth and self-acceptance.

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