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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Joan first meet Paul, the Polish Count?

2. Why does Joan show up on Arthur's doorstep and ask to be his roommate?

3. Who does Joan like to go to the movies with?

4. Who is the main character in the book?

5. How does Joan feel when she can't find time to write?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Leda Sprott's appearance and her significance at Joan's wedding.

2. How does Joan see her father differently after she returns home for the funeral?

3. What are the implications of Joan sending Arthur a postcard from Rome?

4. What role does Marlene Pugh reappearance in Joan's life play?

5. Describe Arthur's state of mind in Chapter 20.

6. How does Joan begin to take on a new identity after leaving home?

7. Describe the significance of Aunt Lou's inheritance on Joan's life.

8. Explain why Joan does not tell her husband Arthur that she writes Costume Gothic novels.

9. What is the significance of Joan seeing her mother's astral body?

10. How does Joan's mother try to control Joan's weight?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As Joan sheds pounds, she makes the choice to become a new person to match her new image and calls herself Louisa K. Delacourt. Discuss the importance of this decision to Joan's future. Why is it a relief to her to be someone else?

Essay Topic 2

What kind of person is Aunt Lou? How does she act as a positive role model for Joan? Does Joan ever act in ways that remind you of Aunt Lou? Provide specific examples from the text to support your responses.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Arthur's political causes. Does he seem to have a positive influence on political change? Why is it ironic that he and his resurgence group plan to blow up the Peace Bridge?

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