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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Joan having an affair with?
(a) Gerald.
(b) Sam.
(c) Royal Porcupine.
(d) David.

2. What does Felicia learn about Redmond in the maze?
(a) He is devoted to her.
(b) He is a killer.
(c) He is also lost in the maze.
(d) He looks healthy.

3. What does Joan bring the reporter in the hospital?
(a) Magazines.
(b) Flowers.
(c) Food.
(d) Books.

4. In Chapter 33, who does Joan dream is dressed in a navy blue suit and crying behind locked glass doors?
(a) Mr. Vitroni's father.
(b) Mr. Vitroni.
(c) Fraser Buchanan.
(d) Her mother.

5. Why can't Joan seem to finish writing her romance novel?
(a) She spends too much time socializing instead of writing.
(b) She has decided to make it longer.
(c) She can't figure out a suitable ending.
(d) She needs to rewrite the first chapter.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Joan goes to town in Terremoto, who is unfriendly and doesn't help her with using the correct words?

2. Who does Joan imagine is skating on the television program?

3. Who is arrested for murder?

4. Who is watching the Olympic doubles figure-skating championships?

5. As a result of the book, Joan has her first what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the reappearance of The Fat Lady in Chapter 27 suggest about how Joan perceives herself?

2. Describe Joan's inconsistent behavior with the Resurgent group.

3. Why do you think Joan likes leading a dual life between Arthur and Royal Porcupine?

4. How does Joan react when she reads the newspaper clippings that Sam sends her?

5. How is the final chapter a resolution to Joan's lies and secrets?

6. At the end of Chapter 28, why does Joan feel she has to "get away, as quickly as possible?"

7. Explain the circumstances and symbolism behind Joan's cut feet.

8. What are Paul's intentions towards Joan?

9. How does Joan use her novel to explore her own life?

10. What is Joan's reaction when she sees Royal Porcupine turned into Chuck Brewer?

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