Lady Oracle Character Descriptions

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Joan Foster / Louise Delacourt

This character has to lose 100 pounds before receiving an inheritance.


This character is verbally abusive and resents another character's weight problems.

Aunt Lou

This character lives as they please and leaves another character an inheritance.

The Fat Lady

This character first appears at a fair and becomes a symbol for self-consciousness.

Marlene Pugh

This character torments a Brownie by tying her to a tree and leaving her in a cold ravine.

The Polish Count / Tadeo Paul / Mavis Quilp

This character writes romance novels and threatens another character with kidnapping.

Arthur Foster

This character is tall and thin, wears glasses, and gets depressed when political causes fail.


This character helps a friend fake their own death and is eventually arrested for murder.

The Royal Porcupine / Chuck Brewer

This artist exhibits dead animals in an art show.

Fraser Buchanan

This ex-reporter blackmails celebrities.

Leda Sprott

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