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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Peanut and Wen Fu meet in Chapter 7?

2. What are the ten items that Winnie saved from her dowry and hides in the lining of her suitcase?

3. What does Hulan break in Chapter 12?

4. How old is Auntie Du when she dies?

5. What did Winnie's mother leave behind when she disappeared?

Short Essay Questions

1. What promises does Winnie make when she is searching for Danru after Kunming is bombed?

2. What actions does Winnie take to help heal Pearl?

3. Describe how Wen Fu takes over Winnie's father's house.

4. What happens when Pearl realizes that Wen Fu is her biological father?

5. Why does Peanut refuse to see Wen Fu when he visits her home?

6. Why does Winnie believe she killed her unborn baby when she drops the scissors?

7. The white leaflets that the Japanese drop from their planes over Nanking when Winnie and Hulan are at the market say what?

8. What does Winnie find Peanut doing in her room at the rooming house in Shanghai?

9. How does Winnie show her innocence about marriage?

10. What is the relationship between Winnie and Aunt Helen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The loss of her three children in China is a great source of pain during Winnie's life. Describe the circumstances of their death and why Winnie feels responsible. Do you agree or disagree with Winnie's feelings of responsibility?

Essay Topic 2

Winnie often says of Auntie Du that she was a good person. Provide examples from the novel that reflect Auntie Du's kindness and the ways in which she tried to help Winnie at her trial and while she is in prison.

Essay Topic 3

What does Winnie remember about her mother, particularly the last day she spent with her? How does Winnie's mother's disappearance change the course of Winnie's life? Provide several examples that show how Winnie feels about not having her mother to guide her.

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