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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Auntie Miao?

2. Who is Pearl's real father?

3. Who is Phil?

4. Where does Winnie's son Samuel work?

5. What name do Peanut and Winnie use for each other right before Winnie is married?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Winnie's dowry once she is married?

2. Describe Wen Fu's cruelty toward the man and his pig.

3. Why does Winnie find it acceptable that Min is living with them?

4. What does Winnie find Peanut doing in her room at the rooming house in Shanghai?

5. How is Winnie's father affected by the war?

6. How does having multiple sclerosis affect Pearl's daily life?

7. What is the relationship between Helen and Winnie?

8. What do the telegrams say that Winnie and Jimmy send to each other after Winnie is released from jail?

9. Why does Peanut refuse to see Wen Fu when he visits her home?

10. What does Winnie learn about Hulan's marriage when she reads Jiaguo's letter?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Winnie often says of Auntie Du that she was a good person. Provide examples from the novel that reflect Auntie Du's kindness and the ways in which she tried to help Winnie at her trial and while she is in prison.

Essay Topic 2

Winnie receives four thousand yuan as a dowry which she is able to keep for herself. Explain how this dowry money is used throughout the story, in both good and bad ways. In what ways was it most helpful to Winnie?

Essay Topic 3

The loss of her three children in China is a great source of pain during Winnie's life. Describe the circumstances of their death and why Winnie feels responsible. Do you agree or disagree with Winnie's feelings of responsibility?

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