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Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Winnie's mother educated?

2. Where do Hulan and Winnie like to go during thunderstorms in Chapter 10?

3. How old was Winnie when her mother disappeared?

4. Why doesn't Winnie want to forget the past?

5. Who is Phil?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the relationship between Helen and Winnie?

2. How is Winnie's father affected by the war?

3. How does the one dance with Jimmy get Winnie into trouble?

4. What does Winnie learn about Hulan's marriage when she reads Jiaguo's letter?

5. What story does Winnie devise as a reason for why she and Danru are leaving her father's house?

6. What promises does Winnie make when she is searching for Danru after Kunming is bombed?

7. What does Winnie find when she returns to Tsungming Island to visit her aunts and uncle?

8. In the pavilion on the day it rains, what secret about her sister does Hulan share with Winnie?

9. How does Winnie think about her past as a stain on her life?

10. How does Winnie show her innocence about marriage?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the ways in which Winnie and Pearl become closer after each reveals her secret. How do they treat each other with more understanding and tolerance? How does Pearl react to learning Wen Fu is most likely her father? What does Winnie do that makes Pearl feel the burden of her illness grows lighter?

Essay Topic 2

Winnie receives four thousand yuan as a dowry which she is able to keep for herself. Explain how this dowry money is used throughout the story, in both good and bad ways. In what ways was it most helpful to Winnie?

Essay Topic 3

Secrets play an important role in The Kitchen God's Wife. Identify who is keeping secrets and why they are worried about others finding out. How do you think having secrets harms a relationship? Provide specific examples from the novel to support your viewpoint.

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