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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose cooking does Winnie criticize at the funeral?
(a) Jennifer's.
(b) Mary's.
(c) Lucy's.
(d) Helen's.

2. Whose credentials does Wen Fu use to become a pilot?
(a) His dead brother's.
(b) A neighbor's.
(c) A dead cousin's.
(d) His father's.

3. Who takes Tessa and Cleo out of the funeral parlor?
(a) Uncle Henry.
(b) Phil.
(c) Pearl.
(d) Winnie.

4. Who is Pearl's real father?
(a) Robert Davis.
(b) Gan.
(c) Wen Fu.
(d) Uncle Henry.

5. How old was Winnie when her mother disappeared?
(a) Ten.
(b) Six.
(c) Just a baby.
(d) Two.

6. Who delivers Peanut's letters to Wen Fu?
(a) The Postal Service.
(b) Her brothers.
(c) Winnie.
(d) Fed-Ex.

7. What does Roger's nickname, Bao-bao, mean?
(a) Youngest child.
(b) Silly one.
(c) Big baby.
(d) Precious baby.

8. Where do Hulan and Winnie go to meet up with their husbands in Chapter 11?
(a) Hankow-Wuchang.
(b) Yangchow.
(c) Shanghai.
(d) Nanking.

9. What profession does Lin have?
(a) Lawyer.
(b) Teacher.
(c) Dentist.
(d) Doctor.

10. What did they call Betty Wan during wartime?
(a) Bratty Betty.
(b) Baby Betty.
(c) Beautiful Betty.
(d) Big Betty.

11. What does Wen Fu shoot on the road to Changsha?
(a) A pig.
(b) A rabbit.
(c) A chicken.
(d) A duck.

12. Which uncle tells a story about a newlywed couple in Chapter 8?
(a) Turtle Uncle.
(b) Uncle Gong.
(c) Uncle Sam.
(d) Uncle Henry.

13. Why does Winnie no longer eat eels?
(a) They remind her of the escape from Nanking.
(b) She can't find them where she lives.
(c) They are too expensive.
(d) She is allergic to them.

14. What does Winnie have above her eye that a fortune teller says can make everything she sees turn black?
(a) A mole.
(b) Her bangs.
(c) A cyst.
(d) A speck of dirt.

15. How old is Bao-bao when he gets engaged for the third time?
(a) Twenty-two.
(b) Thirty-one.
(c) Twenty-nine.
(d) Thirty-eight.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 3, how old is the fish that Helen wants to buy at Happy Super?

2. What kind of luck does Winnie say she was born with?

3. Who does Winnie give her sewing machine to as she leaves Nanking?

4. What do Tessa and Cleo call their grandmother Winnie?

5. Who steals a pedicab after the Japanese drop leaflets in the market of Nanking?

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