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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Winnie sleep when she stays at her father's house before her wedding?
(a) Guest room.
(b) Guest cottage.
(c) The study.
(d) In her mother's bedroom.

2. What does Winnie say she acted like when she was newly married?
(a) Talkative.
(b) A foolish young girl.
(c) Artistic.
(d) Confident.

3. Which uncle tells a story about a newlywed couple in Chapter 8?
(a) Uncle Sam.
(b) Turtle Uncle.
(c) Uncle Henry.
(d) Uncle Gong.

4. What does Wen Fu bring Peanut home in?
(a) A wheelbarrow.
(b) Bicycle.
(c) Horse and carriage.
(d) A car.

5. Why does Hulan grow angry with Winnie after the first battle in which some pilots die?
(a) Winnie thinks she's better than Hulan.
(b) Winnie laughs at her.
(c) Winnie has used up all her flour.
(d) Winnie is always cursing the future with her words.

6. When Winnie moves to Nanking, what does she say about seeing snow?
(a) The snow is best for snowmen.
(b) She wishes it would go away.
(c) It's the first time she's seen it.
(d) It reminds her of her childhood.

7. How does Wen Fu behave towards the other pilots when they're playing cards after dinner?
(a) Is silent with them.
(b) Scares them with his temper and then laughs at them.
(c) Tells coarse jokes to make them laugh.
(d) Talks politely with them.

8. What does Winnie say "taonan" means?
(a) Greetings from you friend.
(b) A big tidal wave.
(c) Great happiness.
(d) That terrible danger is coming.

9. How much spirit money did Mr. Hong give to Pearl before Auntie Du's funeral?
(a) One hundred million dollars.
(b) Six million dollars.
(c) One thousand dollars.
(d) One hundred dollars.

10. Who does Winnie give her sewing machine to as she leaves Nanking?
(a) Mr. Ma.
(b) Hulan.
(c) The servant.
(d) Wan Betty.

11. What profession does Lin have?
(a) Dentist.
(b) Lawyer.
(c) Teacher.
(d) Doctor.

12. Who is training to be a pilot in Chapter 9?
(a) Captain Hong.
(b) Robert.
(c) Mr. Lui.
(d) Wen Fu.

13. What does Winnie think of Helen?
(a) She is pretty.
(b) She loves spending time with her.
(c) She is smart.
(d) She doesn't enjoy her company, opinions, or character.

14. At the market in Nanking, what do Winnie and Hulan buy just before the Japanese planes fly over, dropping leaflets and causing panic?
(a) Vegtables.
(b) Snow cones.
(c) Roasted chestnuts.
(d) Fruit.

15. Where do Peanut and Wen Fu meet in Chapter 7?
(a) Peanut's house.
(b) Shanghai.
(c) Schoolhouse.
(d) Greenhouse.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who dies in childbirth while a pilot and Hulan try to help her?

2. Why does Jimmy have to have an operation when he ate the fish dinner Winnie had made to celebrate her new job?

3. How old is Auntie Du when she dies?

4. Who is Pearl's real father?

5. Where do Hulan and Winnie like to go during thunderstorms in Chapter 10?

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