The Kitchen God's Wife Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Pearl keep her multiple sclerosis a secret from her mother?

Pearl keeps her disease a secret from her mother because she doesn't want her mother to worry and spout Chinese beliefs about how to take care of herself. Pearl doesn't tell her that she has multiple sclerosis because Winnie would carry on about what she could have done to prevent it by applying the appropriate Chinese mumbo jumbo.

2. What is the relationship between Winnie and Aunt Helen?

Winnie and Helen have known each other for many years. They own the Ding Ho Flower Shop where they have worked together for 25 years.

3. Why does Pearl no longer like her cousin Mary?

Pearl is annoyed by Mary's behavior because Mary always alludes to Pearl's disease in irritating ways. Mary also tells her mother Helen about Pearl's disease, and so now Pearl does not feel her secret is safe.

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