The Kitchen God's Wife Character Descriptions

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Cleo Brandt - This character is a three-year-old who calls her Chinese grandmother "Ha-bu."

Pearl Brandt - This character has multiple sclerosis.

Phil Brandt - This character is Caucasian and has difficulty understanding the Chinese customs and expectations of his mother-in-law.

Tessa Brandt - This character is an eight-year-old girl.

Mary Kwong Cheu - This character is barely tolerated by her cousin.

Auntie Du Ching - This character leaves another character her Kitchen God altar.

Danru - This character's name means nonchalance.

Wen Fu - This character is a pilot who abuses his wife.

Gan - This character is a unmarried pilot who compliments another character's cooking.

Jiang Huazheng - This character runs away from her husband and joins the communists.

Long Jiaguo - This character is a high-ranking pilot who is dominated by his wife.

Henry Kwong - This character is another character's second husband...

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