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Chapter 1

• Pearl introduces her extended family, the Kwongs.

• Roger Kwong is getting married for the third time and having an engagement party.

• Pearl does not want to go, but resigns herself out of a sense of duty.

• Great Auntie Du dies at age 97, and her funeral will be held the day after the engagement party.

• Pearl's husband Phil argues with Pearl about her sense of obligation to go to these events, and worries that the weekend will take its toll on Pearl, who has multiple sclerosis.

• Pearl, Phil, and their two daughters stay at Winnie's house.

• When Pearl goes to the flower shop to help her mother, Mr. Hong, from the shop next door, gives Winnie spirit money for Auntie Du's funeral.

• At the engagement party, Pearl sees her cousin Mary, whom she does not like.

• Aunt Helen tells Pearl she must tell her mother about her illness...

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