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Short Answer Questions

1. Irena is not at __________ when she said she would be there.

2. To what is Valentin afraid he could become addicted?

3. What does Valentin receive while he is in the prison within this scene?

4. Who is saved when the bus stops to pick her up?

5. What kind of show is being performed in the next portion of the movie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the new story Molina tells within this chapter and subsequent chapters?

2. Who is the author of the letter Valentin receives?

3. What story is the newspaper reporter working on back at his office?

4. Who encourages Valentin to tell what he knows?

5. What is the Warden's new plan to learn more about Valentin's comrades?

6. What does the Mafia husband do when he finds his wife?

7. What does Molina do with Valentin once he returns from his meeting with the Warden?

8. What occurs when Valentin gets mad at Molina?

9. What has the butcher been doing in the new movie Molina is describing in this chapter?

10. What is the setting of the new movie Molina wants to share with Valentin?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Women do not seem to play a large role in the story, being relegated only to the maternal role and to the person Valentin continues his fight for.

Part 1: Who are the female characters in this story? What is their relationship to the main characters of the dialogue?

Part 2: Do the female characters seem stronger or weaker than the male characters? Why did you choose the answer you did?

Part 3: What does Puig seem to be saying about the female gender?

Essay Topic 2

The theme of desire is another larger idea in this story, with both men desiring things outside of their cell as well as within their cell.

Part 1: What are Molina's desires at the beginning of the story?

Part 2: What are Valentin's desires at the beginning of the story?

Part 3: How do the desires of the men change as the story progresses? Are some desires different? Or are desires simply added to their lives?

Essay Topic 3

At times, the reader does not know if the writing and the narration is true or a vision from the character. This fantasy-like tone makes the story one that may not be as complete as it seems.

Part 1: Cite two examples in which the narration of the story becomes unclear as to whether it is real or if it is just a dream/vision.

Part 2: What do these examples seem to tell us about the idea of reality and fantasy?

Part 3: If these examples are not based in reality, does this weaken the story? Why or why not?

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