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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Both of the men agree they feel __________.
(a) In love
(b) Like soul mates
(c) Out of danger
(d) Absolute joy

2. Who has also been searching for the ex-singer woman?
(a) The police
(b) Her brother
(c) Her father
(d) The magnate

3. To where is Molina summoned to present himself for a meeting?
(a) Another cell
(b) His mother's house
(c) Warden's office
(d) The interrogation room

4. What kind of glazed fruit is Molina's favorite?
(a) Pumpkin
(b) Pineapple
(c) Cherry
(d) Peach

5. Who does the new wife ask for help, as she feels he is the only one she can trust?
(a) Black servant
(b) Innkeeper
(c) Majordomo
(d) Her husband

6. What does the report say Molina does despite the cold weather?
(a) Walks outside at night alone
(b) Does not put on a jacket
(c) Opens the window
(d) Is naked in his house

7. To whom does Valentin want to write although he thinks it might be wrong to do so?
(a) His comrades
(b) His mother
(c) Marta
(d) His girlfriend

8. At what is Valentin staring?
(a) His feet
(b) The guard
(c) Molina's hands
(d) The floor

9. What does the reporter always feel?
(a) The hunger
(b) The love
(c) The fatigue
(d) The thirst

10. "...she can't move, there in the deepest part of the jungle she's trapped in a _______________, or no, the _____________ is growing out of her own body..."
(a) Net, fish
(b) Hole, tree
(c) Spider's web, spiderweb
(d) Book, paper

11. The main character of the American film story Molina then begins to tell is ___________.
(a) Zombie woman
(b) Chicken
(c) Wolf man
(d) Zombie priest

12. What time is is when Molina gets back to the cell?
(a) 6:00
(b) 2:00
(c) 7:00
(d) 5:00

13. What is Molina's apparent aunt's name?
(a) Lena
(b) Lola
(c) Irena
(d) Luisa

14. Who is going to be followed?
(a) Marta
(b) Molina
(c) Valentin
(d) Molina's mother

15. What kind of costume is the woman wearing?
(a) Gypsy
(b) Fairy
(c) Genie
(d) Witch

Short Answer Questions

1. Who encourages Molina on the phone to be good, even though the report notes that the voice sounds slightly fake?

2. Molina: "But as for my friends and myself, we're a hundred percent ________."

3. Where does the new movie story take place?

4. What is Valentin embarrassed for Molina to see?

5. "Because I'm no good at that sort of thing, and if they catch me I'll wind up telling them everything." is a statement made by _________.

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