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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the girl not hear the screams of the old housekeeper?
(a) The waves are too loud.
(b) The old housekeeper is muffled by the witch doctor.
(c) She is not listening to anything around her.
(d) She is deafened.

2. What does the man notice about the woman?
(a) A brown spot on her arm
(b) Her large nose
(c) A tattoo on her neck
(d) A ring she is wearing

3. Where does the man choose to rest instead of the bed?
(a) Couch
(b) The floor
(c) Hammock
(d) Grass

4. The main character of the American film story Molina then begins to tell is ___________.
(a) Chicken
(b) Wolf man
(c) Zombie priest
(d) Zombie woman

5. Who does the new husband's father ask for a blessing?
(a) The zombie wife
(b) The old maid
(c) The natives
(d) The witch doctor

6. Both of the men agree they feel __________.
(a) In love
(b) Like soul mates
(c) Out of danger
(d) Absolute joy

7. Where does Molina spend his first day of freedom?
(a) At the beach
(b) At home
(c) At a cafe
(d) Outisde the prison

8. What does the Warden call Molina while on the phone with someone?
(a) A faggot
(b) A pervert
(c) An idiot
(d) A homo

9. What kind of costume is the woman wearing?
(a) Fairy
(b) Gypsy
(c) Witch
(d) Genie

10. Where did Valentin receive 3rd degree burns?
(a) Legs
(b) Groin
(c) Face
(d) Arms

11. How long has it been since Valentin has had food?
(a) 4 days
(b) 2 days
(c) 3 days
(d) 1 day

12. What does the report say Molina does despite the cold weather?
(a) Is naked in his house
(b) Opens the window
(c) Does not put on a jacket
(d) Walks outside at night alone

13. What is Valentin happy he is able to do now?
(a) Sleep
(b) Eat
(c) Read
(d) Listen without falling asleep

14. What is the man's profession?
(a) Actor
(b) Singer
(c) Police officer
(d) Reporter

15. "I'll also tell you that the ________ is closing her eyes because she's sleepy..."
(a) Woman
(b) Monster
(c) Native
(d) Angel

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the hair color of the dead woman walking around the house?

2. What does the man do to get rid of all the zombies?

3. Molina makes Valentin close his eyes and touch the _________to guess the identity.

4. "You stole away ___________, that I held in my heart, for you?"

5. What kind of glazed fruit is Molina's favorite?

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