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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who saves the woman from the ghost?
(a) A mysterious man
(b) The pool boy
(c) A black maid
(d) Her husband

2. What kind of job does the reporter get when he realizes he cannot get any other job?
(a) Laborer at a saw mill
(b) Mafia runner
(c) Police officer
(d) Security guard

3. "I'll also tell you that the ________ is closing her eyes because she's sleepy..."
(a) Angel
(b) Monster
(c) Woman
(d) Native

4. "Yes, but in this case, the two of us are locked up here, so there is no _______, no fight to win, you follow me?"
(a) Victory
(b) Rulebook
(c) Struggle
(d) Audience

5. What does the reporter always feel?
(a) The thirst
(b) The fatigue
(c) The love
(d) The hunger

6. What does Valentin offer to teach Molina to do?
(a) Hide for long periods of time
(b) Speak Russian
(c) Disguise his voice
(d) Memorize long numbers

7. "The more I think of it, the more I'm convinced that sex is innocence itself." is a statement made by ________.
(a) The guard
(b) Warden
(c) Molina
(d) Valentin

8. What does the man do to get rid of all the zombies?
(a) Hexes them
(b) Cuts off the witch doctor's head
(c) Burns down their huts
(d) Nothing

9. What is the hair color of the dead woman walking around the house?
(a) Black
(b) Gray
(c) White
(d) Blonde

10. Who does Valentin talk to at first in his delusion/vision?
(a) Molina
(b) Marta
(c) Irena
(d) Warden

11. Who says: "In a sense we're perfectly free to behave however we choose with respect to one another, am I making myself clear?"
(a) Warden
(b) Molina
(c) Valentin
(d) The guard

12. How long has it been since Valentin has had food?
(a) 3 days
(b) 2 days
(c) 1 day
(d) 4 days

13. What does the man notice about the woman?
(a) A tattoo on her neck
(b) A brown spot on her arm
(c) A ring she is wearing
(d) Her large nose

14. What does the report say Molina does despite the cold weather?
(a) Is naked in his house
(b) Does not put on a jacket
(c) Walks outside at night alone
(d) Opens the window

15. What does the Warden offer Molina in terms of keeping him safe?
(a) Nothing
(b) 24-hour protection
(c) His word
(d) A personal security guard

Short Answer Questions

1. What turns the first wife into a zombie?

2. Molina: "Arregui is like a _______, sir, and suspicious of everything..."

3. What does Molina decide to have that morning?

4. Her new husband comes from __________.

5. Where does the new movie story take place?

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