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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the assistant decide to relax after a long day?
(a) The spa
(b) The pool
(c) The zoo
(d) The backyard conservatory

2. With whom is Molina in love?
(a) A stagehand
(b) The guard
(c) An actor
(d) A waiter

3. How many other guys are trading on the black market, and are described in detail, in this new story?
(a) 4
(b) 2
(c) 1
(d) 3

4. Who ends up becoming almost immediately ill from the dinner served to the men?
(a) Valentin
(b) The guard
(c) Molina
(d) Both men

5. With what kind of spy ring does Leni get involved?
(a) German
(b) Italian
(c) French
(d) Spanish

6. What makes the couple beautiful to each other?
(a) Their committment
(b) Their love
(c) Their blindness
(d) Their scars

7. Where are Valentin and Molina located throughout the majority of the book?
(a) Prison
(b) A schoolyard
(c) A house
(d) A campground

8. Molina say he is sick for ________.
(a) 2 hours
(b) 2 days
(c) 2 weeks
(d) 1 day

9. Where is the mother left, according to the story?
(a) In the barn
(b) Coffee plantation
(c) In the desert
(d) On an island

10. What is important to this character in #14?
(a) Societal revolution
(b) Killing people who don't agree
(c) Getting out of the prison
(d) Gratifying the senses

11. Who does Valentin say is secondary to the cause of change?
(a) Molina
(b) His girlfriend
(c) Power
(d) Food

12. Why does Leni decide to help the Germans?
(a) She is given money.
(b) She loves the country.
(c) She realizes they are right.
(d) She is told she will be killed if she does not.

13. What is used instead of quotation marks to indicate the dialogue?
(a) Periods
(b) Dashes
(c) Italics
(d) Nothing

14. About whom is Molina worried?
(a) Irena
(b) His mother
(c) His girlfriend
(d) Valentin

15. What does Valentin do to escape his cell?
(a) Bribes the guard
(b) Reads and studies
(c) Cooks
(d) Digs a hole in the wall

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character in this story is a window dresser?

2. Irena is not at __________ when she said she would be there.

3. The man who owns the house in the woods enter the ___________ branch of the military.

4. What is the profession of the man?

5. What country are the Germans occupying in the next movie story that Molina tells?

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