The Kiss of the Spider Woman Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the two men who are being held in the prison in the beginning of the story.

Molina is an effeminate gay man and Valentin is a Marxist revolutionary, more masculine in thoughts and mannerisms.

2. How do the man and the woman meet in the first movie Molina describes to Valentin?

The woman is sitting in a zoo, drawing pictures of a black panther, when the man comes up behind her just as her picture begins to blow away. He retrieves the picture for her and they meet.

3. Why will Irena not let the man kiss her when he wants to, even though they have fallen in love?

Irena will not let her new love kiss her because she is one of the "cursed" women in her family and when men kiss her, they will turn into savage beasts.

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