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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what kind of costume is the man dressed?
(a) Domino
(b) Bull fighter
(c) Ring leader
(d) Zorro

2. Who is the character who wonders if the Warden will keep his promise to him?
(a) The guard
(b) The next cellmate over
(c) Valentin
(d) Molina

3. What is the hair color of the dead woman walking around the house?
(a) Gray
(b) Blonde
(c) Black
(d) White

4. What country are the Germans occupying in the next movie story that Molina tells?
(a) Holland
(b) Poland
(c) France
(d) Austria

5. Where is Leni invited to that interrupts her attempt to give over the information she has learned?
(a) Bonn
(b) Munich
(c) Berlin
(d) Dusseldorf

Short Answer Questions

1. Who used to be married to the witch doctor?

2. What is the woman doing when she is first approached by the man?

3. What does the star receive in her dressing room at the end of the show?

4. What is important to this character in #14?

5. Where does the main character of the next story go to visit his/her father?

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