The King and I Character Descriptions

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British Ambassador - This character comes to the royal palace in Bangkok expecting to confirm the rumors of the barbarity in the area.

Eliza - This character plays the runaway slave in the play-within-a-play written by a slave.

Keeper of the Dogs - This character dances a ballet chase across the frozen river, which miraculously melts.

Simon Legree - This character is a plantation slave owner in Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel.

Anna Leonowens - This character is a British governess who has come Siam to teach many young children about the world.

Louis Leonowens - This character is the nine- or ten-year-old son of the British governess.

Lun Tha - This character is a Burmese man charged with delivering a beautiful and intelligent young woman, and falls in love with her.

The King - This character thinks of himself as an innovative and open-minded leader, but...

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