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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does King give Marlowe?
(a) Ten dollars.
(b) A pack of cigarettes.
(c) A cigar.
(d) Fried eggs.

2. What does Larkin say Australians need to do?
(a) Gamble.
(b) Have geisha girls in the camp.
(c) Drink whiskey.
(d) Feel like men.

3. What did Smedly-Taylor ask of Cox and Daven?
(a) The Col. knows nothing about the radio so does not talk to Cox and Daven.
(b) To run outside the wire.
(c) To get rid of the radio.
(d) Not to implicate others.

4. Who does the King summon into his hut?
(a) A laundry woman.
(b) The man speaking with the native.
(c) A prison guard.
(d) The camp stoolie.

5. What is Rusa tikus?
(a) The code word to the Korean guard who lets the King into the village.
(b) The swear word that a captive Russian civilian uses all the time.
(c) Rat meat.
(d) The code word for accessing the radio.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Lt. Grey?

2. Why does the King panic at Marlowe's request?

3. How soon can a newly-born rat breed?

4. Why does the King thank Sgt. Masters?

5. How does the King help McCoy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Vexley teach and how does it help the rat business?

2. What does Lt. Grey think should happen to the diamond and what does Larkin reply?

3. Why does Marlowe run for his water bottle?

4. Describe the raid on Hut 16 and how Daven reacts.

5. Why does Lt. Grey arrest two of Larkin's men and what is Larkin's response?

6. Describe the first meeting between The King and Marlowe.

7. Describe The King.

8. Describe the visit between the King and Sgt. Masters.

9. Why are Marlowe's bungalow mates upset that Marlowe refuses the King's offer of a percentage of the tobacco profits?

10. How does Marlowe demonstrate the part of his personality that might be labeled risk taker or thrill seeker?

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