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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who leads Marlowe and the King to the village?
(a) An elderly peasant.
(b) One of the Korean guards.
(c) A young, pretty woman.
(d) No one.

2. What does Smedly-Taylor offer Grey to appease him about the weights?
(a) A pass to the village.
(b) A recommendation for a permanent commission after the war.
(c) A quart of rice.
(d) A pound of extra rations.

3. How much does the King actually get from the Korean guard?
(a) $1400.
(b) $2200.
(c) $1000.
(d) $1900.

4. What does McCoy say to Larkin about Prouty?
(a) Caveat emptor.
(b) Veni, vidi, vici.
(c) Mea culpa.
(d) Habeaus Corpus.

5. Why does Lt. Grey place Marlowe under arrest?
(a) For eating dog.
(b) For selling a fountain pen to a Korean guard.
(c) For not distributing the coconuts fairly.
(d) For disobeying orders.

6. How do Marlowe, Larkin and McCoy decide to spread news about the war?
(a) To call a meeting of the highest-ranking officers and let them decide.
(b) To trick the Korean guards into telling the news.
(c) They decide not to say anything since things are not going that well.
(d) For each to tell two friends, who tell two friends.

7. What does the King explain to Marlowe in an effort to soothe Marlowe?
(a) That Prouty stole the watch anyway.
(b) That the guard is going to rip someone else off with the same watch.
(c) The risks and benefits of business.
(d) That Prouty will be able to feed his group regardless.

8. How does Marlowe injure his left arm?
(a) On wood detail.
(b) In a fight.
(c) A dog mauls him.
(d) He trips.

9. What does the King surmise about Cheng?
(a) He loves his family.
(b) He is a liar.
(c) He is honest.
(d) He is hurting for cash.

10. About what does the King caution Marlowe?
(a) To make the guards understand even is Marlowe has to translate some things loosely.
(b) To bow to Torusumi.
(c) To not shake hands with Torusumi.
(d) To translate to and from Malay very precisely.

11. What does Shagata report?
(a) Cheng has been exiled.
(b) Cheng has been executed.
(c) Cheng has been released and has the money.
(d) Cheng is no longer interested in the deal.

12. What does Yoshima revoke when he cannot find the radio?
(a) The return to standard rations.
(b) The privilege of playing music with homemade instruments.
(c) The privilege of having camp plays.
(d) The privilege of walking freely through camp.

13. What does Marlowe talk about to Sutra?
(a) Nothing.
(b) The weather.
(c) The delicious saki.
(d) The wireless.

14. What do some men wonder about Marlowe and the King?
(a) If they will go into business together after the war.
(b) If Marlowe has something on the King.
(c) If the King is paying Marlowe.
(d) If they are lovers.

15. What is borehole detail?
(a) Cleaning out old boreholds and taking the contents to the jungle.
(b) Digging new boreholes.
(c) Scooping cockroaches out of the latrines.
(d) Checking to see that the boreholes are covered appropriately.

Short Answer Questions

1. What shocks Marlowe about Samson?

2. What does the King do with the ring?

3. What is McCoy so happy?

4. How much does the King take as his commission?

5. What has Grey learned from his spy about the diamond?

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