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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Chapters 19-22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Max, Tex and Marlowe doing at the opening of Chapter 9?
(a) Gathering bamboo shoots.
(b) Trying to corner a rat.
(c) Breeding pigeons.
(d) Tying up Lt. Grey.

2. About what is Ewart furious?
(a) That Marlowe pretends he doesn't know Ewart.
(b) That McCoy tells a secret Ewart trusted him with.
(c) Not knowing his family's fate.
(d) That Lt. Grey spills Ewart's rations.

3. Who is Sean?
(a) The camp idiot.
(b) The camp cook.
(c) A cross-dresser.
(d) A young boy who serves the officers.

4. In what language are the man and native speaking?
(a) Malay.
(b) Japanese.
(c) Chinese.
(d) Indonesian.

5. Who is Peter Marlowe?
(a) A journalist.
(b) An Air Force general.
(c) A Marine colonel.
(d) The man speaking with the native.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who leads Marlowe and the King to the village?

2. When does the King say he will pay Timsen?

3. What is Daven doing?

4. Where does Townsend get the ring?

5. What does the doctor warn Marlowe about his arm?

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