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Changi - The setting for most of the novel, this place from a distance looks like a pearl on the green eastern tip of Singapore Island.

Australia - The object of the Japanese army's southern drive, this country is to serve as a vast slave camp for POWs.

Calcutta - The Indian city from which the POWs at Changi Prison receive news of the outside world.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki - The two Japanese cities destroyed by American atomic bombs.

Java - An island in the Indonesian archipelago, this falls to the Japanese army in 1942 and is not liberated until 1945.

Malay Village - Located some three miles from the Changi POW camp on the east coast of Singapore Island, this place can be seen from the topmost cell in the jail.

Rats - The King conceives the idea of breeding these for their meat.

Sikhs - British soldiers...

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