King Rat Character Descriptions

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Flt. Lt. Peter Marlowe - The novel's protagonist, this character is a dark-skinned, craggy-faced, muscular British POW with wide shoulders and slim hips.

The King - The 25-year-old American corporal is the novel's most enigmatic character and probably the most despised and envied.

Lt./Capt. Robin Grey - This character seems to live only to put Peter Marlowe and the The King into the Utram Road jail.

Maj. Barry - A nervous, one-armed British POW, this character looks back fondly on his trip to New York in 1933.

Col. Brant - Barely five feet tall, with a Sikh-style beard, swagger cane, and tattered uniform, this character warns Lt. Grey not to threaten or abuse the King.

Capt. Don Brough - A U.S. Air Force pilot shot down over the hump (Burma) in 1943, this character is the senior American in the Changi POW Camp.

Cheng - A tall...

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