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Part 1, Chapters 1-4

• Lt. Grey shakes down The King in an attempt to catch him with contraband.

• Col. Brant upbraids both Lt. Grey and the King for their behavior.

• The King sees Marlowe speaking Malaysian with a native.

• The King invites Marlowe for eggs and a talk.

• The King wants Marlowe to join his ring of profiteers.

• Lt Grey makes Marlowe wear his armband showing that Marlowe is an officer, which surprises The King.

• Marlowe declines the King's offer of a partnership.

• Marlowe teaches Tex how to cook Java tobacco.

Part 1, Chapters 5-8

• Lt. Grey tells Larkin he has arrested two of Larkin's men for gambling.

• Larkin tells Grey to release the men to Larkin for punishment and that the Australians need gambling.

• Lt. Grey asks about a diamond rumored to be "loose" in camp.

• Someone contacts Lt. Grey and offers to help him "get" the King.
• Daven...

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