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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gil want to do after hearing Nat's story?
(a) Tell someone in the scientific community to try to get an explanation.
(b) Look in the history books to learn about the earlier Nat.
(c) Get Nat some counseling.
(d) Have Nat write down the sonnet Shakespeare wrote for Nat.

2. What does Nat reach for under his pillow?
(a) A hat.
(b) A poem.
(c) A playbill from the Globe of 1599.
(d) A playbill from the Globe of 1999.

3. What does Aunt Jen do when she sees Nat?
(a) Tousles Nat's hair.
(b) Laughs.
(c) Cries.
(d) Nothing as she is not there.

4. How does Shakespeare calm Nat?
(a) By joking with nat.
(b) By slapping him lightly across the face.
(c) By giving him a small draught of liquor.
(d) By gripping Nat's shoulders momentarily.

5. What is the other book Arby gives Nat?
(a) A copy of "Hamlet".
(b) A copy of 'Love's Labours Lost".
(c) A copy of "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
(d) A copy of "The Tempest'.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what does Sam Gilbourne ask Nat?

2. What do Nat and his Aunt Jen agree to do?

3. What character will Nat play next summer with the Company of Boys?

4. What does Nurse Jenkins tell Nat?

5. What seems to confound the Nat from the 16th century in his isolation room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Nat trying to figure out about his experience over the past week and what does he decide about them?

2. Why does Nat argue with Arby about Nat's exit and what does Nat do?

3. What does Nat ask Shakespeare about returning to St. Paul's and what is Shakespeare's response?

4. How does Nat please Sam Gilbourne?

5. What interests the company about Nat and Roper and how does Nick Tooley put Nat into an awkward position?

6. Describe Nat's dream that he has in Chapter 16.

7. What is the audience's response to Sam's entrance onstage?

8. Describe Nat, Burbage and Shakespeare's interview with Queen Elizabeth I.

9. In Chapter 12, who arrives at Guy's Hospital and what does the person learn?

10. What intrigues Nurse Stevens about the Nat she is caring for in the isolation unit?

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