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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who/What will be at the theater if the Queen is in attendance?
(a) Nothing different from usual.
(b) Special seating.
(c) Special foods.
(d) Soldiers.

2. What does Nick Tooley ask Nat about Nat's aunt?
(a) If she is his dad's sister.
(b) If she is married.
(c) If she is an actor.
(d) If she is a wise woman.

3. What confuses Nat?
(a) All the machinery in the hospital.
(b) Waking up in different time zones for the second time in a week.
(c) The appearance of Harry.
(d) The accents of the nurses.

4. How did it work that the two Nats were not discovered as being the wrong boys?
(a) They were both isolated from their regular contacts.
(b) In the process of the swap, the powers that made the swap changed their looks.
(c) Nat has no idea how he was not discovered.
(d) The boys were basically identical.

5. What is one thing that worries Nat?
(a) Roper will realize Nat is impersonating the other Nat.
(b) Harry will get picked up because of Nat.
(c) Nat will have to return to his own time too soon.
(d) Shakespeare and Burbage are frightened.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nurse Jenkins tell Nat?

2. How does Shakespeare calm Nat?

3. What explanation is there for why Nat Field did not see Shakespeare again?

4. What does Rachel notice as she hugs Nat?

5. What does Nat reach for under his pillow?

Short Essay Questions

1. What dos Arby give Nat and what does Nat discover is Arby's full name?

2. How does Nat feel before the performance and how does Shakespeare help Nat with those feelings?

3. What does Nat ask Shakespeare about returning to St. Paul's and what is Shakespeare's response?

4. In Chapter 12, who arrives at Guy's Hospital and what does the person learn?

5. How is Sam Gilbourne dressed for his role as Hippolyta?

6. What interests the company about Nat and Roper and how does Nick Tooley put Nat into an awkward position?

7. Where does Nat awaken in Chapter 17 and what does he find out?

8. How do Gil and Rachel respond to Nat's story about his time in 1599?

9. Describe Nat's dream that he has in Chapter 16.

10. What is Nat trying to figure out about his experience over the past week and what does he decide about them?

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