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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nat realize must have happened to him?
(a) He had a hallucinogenic dream while very ill.
(b) He somehow switched places with the Nat Field of the earlier era.
(c) His father must have helped him transport to the earlier era.
(d) He fell through a dimensional warp.

2. What does Nat compare when he is able to go back to rehearsals?
(a) Nothing; there is no comparison.
(b) Shakespeare's lines then versus now.
(c) The Globe of the two time periods.
(d) Each person and their possible counterpart.

3. What does Nat sleep with under his pillow?
(a) A translation of King Lear.
(b) Shakespeare's sonnet.
(c) His last tooth that fell out.
(d) A drawing of the Queen.

4. About what does Nat tell Gil from his time with Shakespeare?
(a) About Shakespeare's political involvments.
(b) About the sonnet Shakespeare gives Nat.
(c) About Shakespeare's son.
(d) About Shakespeare's wonderful wife.

5. About what does Shakespeare congratulate Nat?
(a) His memorization of his lines.
(b) Nat's accent.
(c) His composure on stage.
(d) The way Nat makes Puck look non-human.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Nat and his Aunt Jen agree to do?

2. What explanation is there for why Nat Field did not see Shakespeare again?

3. How does Nat feel about Shakespeare when the man is on the stage?

4. How does Nat leave the hospital?

5. What does the flag flying over the Globe indicate?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Sam Gilbourne dressed for his role as Hippolyta?

2. How does Richard help Nat prepare for Nat's role as Puck and how does Nat feel when he is ready?

3. What does Nat ask Shakespeare about Nat's choices after St. Paul's and what is Shakespeare's response?

4. What unexpected thing happens as Nat is acting and what is the outcome?

5. What is Nat trying to figure out about himself and what are the other apprentices trying to figure out about Nat while they are celebrating at a tavern.

6. What interests the company about Nat and Roper and how does Nick Tooley put Nat into an awkward position?

7. What is the audience's response to Sam's entrance onstage?

8. What does Nat ask Shakespeare about returning to St. Paul's and what is Shakespeare's response?

9. What do Nat and his aunt Jen decide to do?

10. How does Nat feel before the performance and how does Shakespeare help Nat with those feelings?

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