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Cambridge, MA

The Company of Boys rehearses here for a few weeks before flying to London to perform at the Globe.

Company of Boys

The acting troupe lead by Arby, of which Nat is a member.

Friends of the Globe

A group of supporters which has helped fund the newly-built Globe Theatre.

The Globe

The setting for both Shakespeare's and Arby's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", set four hundred years apart.

The Sorbonne

A part of the University of Paris where the Fisher's son is taking a summer course.


This is on a bank of the Thames River in Central London.

Bubonic Plague

A disease transmitted through rodents and fleas, characterized by swollen lymph nodes or buboes.


The audience members who pay the least amount of money to see plays at the Globe.

St. Paul's School

A private boys school founded in 1509.

Thames River


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