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William Taubman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Stalin support during WWII simply to appease the US?
(a) Acheson.
(b) Chiang Kai-shek.
(c) Truman.
(d) Mao.

2. In what year does the 20th Congress reconvene?
(a) 1956.
(b) 1954.
(c) 1960.
(d) 1955.

3. In the beginning of Chapter 12, why does the Central Committee panic?
(a) The war continues.
(b) Because they fear Khrushchev.
(c) Becasue of protestors.
(d) Because of a poor economy.

4. What does Khrushchev take control of before defeating the "anti-party" group?
(a) Government.
(b) Appropriations.
(c) Foreign Policy.
(d) Community relations.

5. Whose views does Khrushchev denounce in Chapter 17?
(a) Mao.
(b) Lenin.
(c) JFK.
(d) Stalin.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the U.S. respond to the U-2 incident that led to the capture of a U.S. pilot?

2. Who is blamed for proposing the first nuclear strike?

3. What is Khrushchev's reaction to the vote by the Presidium in 1959?

4. Where do Khrushchev and the Gang of Eight meet during Chapter 12?

5. Who does Khrushchev restore from exile after Stalin's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. What occurs at the Soviet Defense Council meeting discussed in Chapter 19?

2. What is Khrushchev's response when a deputy foreign minister mentions the captured pilot?

3. What is the agricultural harvest like in 1958?

4. What does Khrushchev discuss during the 22nd Congress?

5. Why is the U.S. twice tarnished during summit meetings?

6. Why does Khrushchev somewhat fear the bombing plans discussed in Chapter 13?

7. What is Khrushchev's agenda in attending the UN General Assembly in 1960?

8. Why is Khrushchev having nightmares about peace?

9. What evidence suggests Khrushchev's "Top Secret" speech was meant to be leaked?

10. Why is the Central Committee's confirmation to divide the parties cause for bewilderment?

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