Daily Lessons for Teaching Khrushchev

William Taubman
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


This lesson will explore the fall of Krushchev. Students will gain a deeper understanding for the events that occurred directly before this man's fall from power.


1. Class Discussion: Engage the class in a discussion about the fall from power of Khrushchev. What is the setting at the beginning of Chapter 1? Who is Khrushchev with? Is this person trustworthy? What happens that leads to Khrushchev's downfall? Were there warning signs of these events? What is the result of the verbal attack? Based on the information presented in Chapter 1 can the reader tell if the verbal attack was true?

2. Writing Activity: Write a short essay discussing who Khrushchev is compared to in this chapter and Khrushchev's response to this comparison.

3. Group activity: Divide the class into groups. Groups will review the chapter and find instances for infractions made by Khrushchev as well as accusations made by others...

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