Khrushchev Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

William Taubman
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Chapter 1

• Chapter 1 describes the beginning of the end.

• The year is 1964 and Khrushchev comes under strong criticism and opposition.
• Khrushchev makes it clear that he is not ashamed of his work.

• His career has assumed that friends would take over his various positions within the government.

Chapter 2

• Khrushchev's first 14 years of desperate poverty in the southern Russia village of his birth.

• Taubman uses sources to discuss Khrushchev's childhood

• Khrushchev's mother's sharp reaction to her failed husband and promising son contribute to Khrushchev's need for power.

Chapter 3

• Khrushchev began his working life as a metalworker, married, began a family, and was introduced to radical politics.

• He was prosperous and happy in these years; Khrushchev seems an unlikely Bolshevik.

• Politics begin diverting him from education that could have made him a successful engineer or manager.

• Without education, he will never respect himself or possess the sophistication to deal with people...

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