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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the pattern of the quilt the women discover in Mrs. Wright's sewing basket?
(a) Log cabin.
(b) Easter.
(c) Serene lake.
(d) Christmas.

2. What was Mrs. Wright's response when Mr. Hale asked her "Has anybody been notified?"
(a) "They're on their way."
(b) "No."
(c) "His son."
(d) "Yes."

3. Susan Glaspell wrote A Jury of Her Peers based on the Hossack murder which she discovered working as _____________.
(a) A lawyer.
(b) A judge.
(c) A journalist.
(d) An actress.

4. What did Mr. Hale think he heard someone say the second time he knocked on the Wright's door the previous day?
(a) "Go away."
(b) "Come in."
(c) "No one's home."
(d) "Mr. Wright is dead."

5. What was Mrs. Wright's response when Mr. Hale asked her, "Who did this, Mrs. Wright?"
(a) "A burglar did it."
(b) "I did it."
(c) "I don't know."
(d) "My son did it."

Short Answer Questions

1. What word refers to lack of importance or consequence?

2. What is Mr. Hale's first name?

3. Mrs. Hale describes Minnie Foster as having been _________ 20 years ago.

4. To what road did Harry go to use the telephone the previous day?

5. Where do the women go to get things to take to Mrs. Wright?

Short Essay Questions

1. What in the beginning of the story indicates the time period of the narrative?

2. What close call do the women face in the climax of the story regarding the evidence?

3. What passing comment of Mr. Hale's reveals information about the relationship of the Wrights'?

4. What memory of brutal loss does Mrs. Peters share from her childhood?

5. What does Mrs. Hale discover in the box in Mrs. Wright's sewing basket? What does she do with it?

6. Who did Mr. Hale call inside after Mrs. Wright told him Mr. Wright was dead? What did they find?

7. What did Mrs. Wright reply when Mr. Hale asked to see Mr. Wright?

8. When Mr. Hale questioned Mrs. Wright about her husband's murder, what did she inform him?

9. What did Mrs. Wright do when Mr. Hale attempted to make small talk?

10. What does Mr. Henderson discover broken in the cupboard?

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