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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Mrs. Wright's maiden name?
(a) Johnson.
(b) Jackson.
(c) Fisher.
(d) Foster.

2. As Mr. Hale began to retell the previous days events, Mrs. Hale "had that sinking feeling of the mother whose child is about to _____________.
(a) "Lie to her."
(b) "Get into trouble."
(c) "Confess to something."
(d) "Speak a piece."

3. What unseen character is described as having "a voice that somehow seemed to be backing up the law with every word"?
(a) Mrs. Rogers.
(b) Mrs. Gorman.
(c) Mrs. Jackson.
(d) Mrs. Roberts.

4. Mr. Wright is described socially as a man who _____________.
(a) Talked all the time.
(b) Always doted on his wife.
(c) Was always the center of attention.
(d) Didn't talk much.

5. What is Mr. Hale's response when asked the question of Mrs. Wright, "How did she seem to feel about your coming?"
(a) "She seemed agitated that I was there."
(b) "Why, she jumped up and ran from the room."
(c) "Well, she asked me to stay for tea."
(d) "Why, I don't think she minded -- one way or other."

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Mrs. Wright's response when Mr. Hale asked her the cause of death of Mr. Wright?

2. What does Mrs. Peters notice about the bird cage?

3. As the men reenter to leave, Mrs. Hale takes the box and puts it where?

4. In her despair, Mrs. Hale says, "I tell you, it's queer, Mrs. Peters. We live close together, and we ______________."

5. Where did Mrs. Wright point when Mr. Hale asked the whereabouts of Mr. Wright?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is discovered about the birdcage which is uncanny by the two women?

2. Why had Mr. Hale stopped at the Wrights' property the previous day?

3. When Mr. Hale questioned Mrs. Wright about her husband's murder, what did she inform him?

4. What does Mrs. Hale remark to Mrs. Peters about the lack of children in the home and Mr. Wright's personality when the women are alone?

5. What passing comment of Mr. Hale's reveals information about the relationship of the Wrights'?

6. What thoughts does Mrs. Hale have of the Wright residence when the carriage arrives?

7. What did Mrs. Wright reply when Mr. Hale asked to see Mr. Wright?

8. Why does Mrs. Hale defend the suspect's dirty kitchen? What does Mr. Henderson regard this to be?

9. Who went for help after discovering Mr. Wright's body? What did Mr. Hale discuss with Mrs. Wright?

10. What does Mrs. Hale do with the stitching on the quilt? What is Mrs. Peters' response?

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