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Lesson 1 (from Detailed Summary & Analysis)


Detailed Summary & Analysis

A Jury of Her Peers is a 1917 short story by Susan Glaspell. The story, adapted from the play Trifles by the same author, is loosely based on the murder trial of Margaret Hossack, which Glaspell covered while working as a journalist in Des Moines, Iowa. A Jury of Her Peers relates the story of two women who uncover and subsequently recover the clues which would convict Minnie Wright of killing her husband. In this lesson, students are introduced to the story and will research and discuss its author, Susan Glaspell.


1) Teacher Lecture: Introduce the students to the book and author. Susan Glaspell (1876 - 1948) was an American playwright, actress, director, and novelist. A Jury of Her Peers was published in 1917, a year after the play Trifles debuted, from which the story was adapted.

2) Research Activity: Allow students time in the beginning of class...

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