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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Five.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jeremy say he told Scooter?
(a) That Scooter could get arrested.
(b) About the girl who broke her back jumping.
(c) That he was impressed with Scooter's courage.
(d) That he thought it was a wild and fun idea.

2. How did Mike change Dru's life?
(a) Her grades lowered because she spends too much time with him.
(b) Her mother lets her go out more since dating him.
(c) Her grades in math went up.
(d) He made her part of the in crowd.

3. Why does Dru want to leave the Nail?
(a) She has to get home before her mother.
(b) She needs to work in the morning.
(c) It is too cold and windy.
(d) The kids there are drunk.

4. What does Scooter bring with him to wear on his jump?
(a) An orange life jacket.
(b) A multi-colored scarf.
(c) His ex-girlfriend's bracelet.
(d) A helmet.

5. What does Hopi say to the group?
(a) He thinks Scooter is arrogant.
(b) He is leaving for college on Monday.
(c) He will jump the next week.
(d) He would never be stupid enough to jump.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the condition outside near the Nail?

2. Where do Dru and Mike go to watch a jump?

3. How are most of the kids that are there known to each other?

4. Why are the other teenagers at the Nail different from Dru?

5. Who do Dru and Mike see when they drive Scooter's motor scooter to the cliffs?

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