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• Dru has just graduated from high school in California and thinks how expensive the houses are as she walks her dog.

• Her mother, a real estate agent, regrets having not bought a house as they could have made a lot of money.

• Dru passes her boyfriend Mike's house and realizes it is because of him that she is noticed.

• Dru sees Diane, Mike's former girlfriend, who makes a sly remark about attending the same college as Mike.

• Mike's house, named El Nido, sets atop a hill and is worth two million dollars. Her mother is jealous.
• Mike's father and her mother dated at one time. Dru's father owns a music store and plays piano in a restaurant.

• Dru thinks about the Nail, which is a cliff that is 90 feet from the top to the water. People used to jump off it.

• A girl missed the water, ended...

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