July's People Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Maureen’s point about the smell of her family.

Back in town, showers, clean clothing, and clean environment kept the normal smells of humans at bay. Here, without any of the modern conveniences, Maureen realizes she can smell her husband, and the rest of her family, in ways she never thought she would. She understands now why the others in the village always have their wood fires burning despite the heat, to ward off the smells.

2. Explain how Maureen feels about her husband after living in the village for a time.

Maureen doesn’t think of the man she shares a hut with as her husband. She finds him unfamiliar, and cannot seem to see him as the man she shared her life with back in town.

3. Explain how Bam now feels about his wife by Section 7.

Bam feels he doesn’t know his wife anymore. She has changed drastically in their short time, and he can no longer predict her behaviors. When he speaks to her, he doesn’t know what to expect, because she has become unpredictable, although she behaves normally to the children, he realizes they don’t know one another at all.

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