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Bamford Smalls

The character is a father, husband, and architect in South Africa. His world is drastically changed when his family ends up needing to live with his former employee in a village. This character eventually crumbles under the weight of his responsibilities, and his inability to continue providing for his family.

Maureen Smalls

This character undergoes a massive transformation from loving, caring, and doting mother and employer to a cold, calous, and completely selfish woman willing to abandon her family for the possibility of getting out of the village. Her undoing is the forced realization that her view of herself was inaccurate.


This character is the black servant of a white family for 15 years. When the war breaks out, he takes the white family into his village and home for protection. However, his resentment for - and anger toward - the family becomes undeniable.

Victor Smalls


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